Mehdi Golshani

Professor of Physics

Department of Physics , Sharif University of Technology


Islam and the Quest for Modern Science

Islam and the Quest for Modern Science   Vol. 21 (2014) Islam and the Quest for Modern Science   Conversations with Adnan Oktar, Mehdi Golshani, Mohammed Basil Altaie, Zaghloul El-Naggar, Bruno Guiderdoni and Nidhal Guessoum STEFANO BIGLIARDI, CENTER FOR MIDDLE EASTERN STUDIES, LUND UNIVERSITY, ISBN 978-91-978813-2-6 Contents: Acknowledgements Foreword Introduction Chapter 1, Just a Servant of God - Conversation with Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya Chapter 2, A Qur’anic Metaphysics for Science and a Common Ground for Monotheistic Religions - Conversation with Mehdi ...


An interview with Prof. Mehdi Golshani Science and the Three Monotheisms in the 21st Century, A New Partnership This conference , which followed the inaugural meeting of the International Society for Science and Religion, was held during August 23-25, 2002 in Granada, Spain. The interview took place during this conference   you can see the interview here.




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1- The Holy Qur’an and the Science of Nature, Global Publication, New York, 1998   This collection of essays, based on lectures delivered by the author, offers an ...