Mehdi Golshani

Professor of Physics

Department of Physics , Sharif University of Technology


1- The Holy Qur’an and the Science of Nature, Global Publication, New York, 1998


This collection of essays, based on lectures delivered by the author, offers an examination of the role of science within the framework of an Islamic world- view. The conception of knowledge, the significance of physical and natural sciences in the Islamic perspective, science and ethics in the Qur’anic outlook, the need for the Integration of knowledge with wisdom , the Qur’anic message for Muslim scientists, and the philosophy of science in the Qur’anic approach are explored in a way that encourages a revival of scientific spirit in the Muslim ummah.



2- From Physics to Metaphysics, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran, 1998


In the past, philosophy included natural and physical sciences. But, gradually these sciences broke away from philosophy and pursued their restricted aims. Whit the growth of various spaces of empiricism in the early part of this century, philosophy, in the sense of metaphysics, lost its appeal among scientist. The emergence of quantum physics with its positivistic flavor fortified this distaste for philosophy. In the last three decades, the tide has begun to turn in favor of philosophical speculations, and many physicists have started to question the dismissal of philosophical concern. It has become clear that empiricists’ world-view gives us a superficial view of our universe, and since human being’s spirit is not content with a superficial view of the universe, this narrow outlook can not endure. Also, it has become more evident that the rejection of philosophy does not solve any problem. It merely replaces an explicit philosophy with an uncontrolled and naïve philosophical outlook. Scientists should recognize the real role of philosophy, and note that science and philosophy are complimentary rather than contradictory and the divorce of science from philosophy impoverishes both disciplines.

In the twentieth century, there was a fruitful interaction between theoretical and experimental physics. Now, it is an appropriate time to add metaphysics as a third collaborator, i.e., one has to pay attention to the metaphysical implications of science.


From Physics


3- Can Science Dispense with Religion?, ed., Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, third edition, Tehran, 2004

This book attempts to clarify various aspects of the relation between science and religion. The scholars who contributed to this anthology are all theists who believe that both science and religion are important aspects of our lives and neither one should be sacrificed for the sake of the other, and that there is no conflict between them if they are properly understood and if the domain of each one is correctly recognized and preserved.

Eight questions were sent to many scientists, philosophers and theologians. Forty two scholars responded to the questions directly and two scholars responded by sending full length essays. Furthermore, there is an “Afterword” by the editor, analyzing the responses to the posed questions. Eleven of the scholars interviewed for this anthology are Muslims, the rest are Christians (Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox).

It is hoped that this anthology will contribute to the illumination of the relation between science and religion, and that it will encourage further dialogues on this vital issue.




Cover - Can science


4- Issues in Islam and Science, Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Tehran, 2004

5- English translation of the first five Chapters of the Qur’an, Islamic Propagation Organization, Tehran


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1- The Holy Qur’an and the Science of Nature, Global Publication, New York, 1998   This collection of essays, based on lectures delivered by the author, offers an ...